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We will keep you and your borrowers satisfied.

Competitive Pricing

Our rates start at 8% for borrowers that buy and sell 5+ properties per year.  Most borrowers with 3 deals of experience and a 650 or higher FICO score will qualify for 10% or less.  Unlike most lenders in the Fix-N-Flip space, we do not charge monthly interest on unreleased funds. This will save your borrowers thousands over the course of their loan.

Speak to a Loan Officer Quickly

We realize that the human connection is important in our sector. Upon receipt of your loan submission, you will receive a call from a senior loan officer to go over your deal.

Easy Process

The documentation we require is light and our process is simple.  Fill in the summary form in just 2 minutes and you will receive a call from a senior loan officer within hours.  On the call, we will confirm pricing and email you authorization forms and a request for documentation.  Upon receipt, we will order appraisal and title. Once the appraisal is completed, a commitment will be issued and a closing will be scheduled. Your deal is typically funded in two to three weeks.

Nationwide Lending

We cover all 50 States including Hawaii and Alaska. Urban, Suburban, and most rural locations are acceptable.